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When I initially split Paradoxurus hermaphroditus sensu lato (, I retained the epithet musanga indiscriminately because that was what the MDD had used on their taxon page ( However, as pointed out by @leptonia, they cite Veron et al. (2014) as the source for the species name, which adopts a different epithet (musangus). Because there was no explanation as to why the epithet was different between the cited literature and the MDD taxon page under "Taxon Notes", I had assumed this was in error. However, from what @jwidness described (quoted below) and @jakob echoed, it was likely changed to follow Article 31 of the ICZN. Please see the previous taxon swap for additional context (

"The original name was Viverra musanga, from the Malay word for the animal, musang ( I think that makes musanga a noun in apposition rather than an adjective, which would mean it doesn't change gender when the genus changes (" - @jwidness

ASM Mammal Diversity Database (MDD) (Citation)
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