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Nature at RAC

Flowers, trees, shrubs and birds observed at the GA PC and CC campus.

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Frogs and Toads of Bexar County

A guide to identification of Frogs and Toads of Bexar County Texas

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Especies Vegetales "Parque Delio Panizza"

Especies que puedes encontrar a las orillas del rio Gualeguay, en el parque Delio Panizza de Rosario del Tala.

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Parque Aviario Rio Gualeguay

Aves que se pueden encontrar en cercanias del Rio Gualeguay (Entre Rios)

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臺灣的小檗科植物 Berberidaceae of Taiwan


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Inhabitants of Point Reyes National Park Guide

A collection of encounters with native and non-native plants and animals within Point Reyes peninsula, including areas of the Golden Gate Recreation Area

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Fire Followers of the Diablo Range

Compilation of fire-following plants on the Diablo Range. Our definition of fire followers includes both common and rare native plants that have adapted to CA fire patterns through a variety of strategies. This list includes more than the annual fire followers (also includes post-fire opportunist...

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UTAS wildlife on campus

This collection project is for students, staff, and general public at the University of Tasmania to record their observations of species, which will contribute to the database of species to inform the biodiversity management of the University campuses.

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A Guide to the Identification of the Wild Mallows of New Zealand

The following link will take you to a PDF of a short guide to the identification of the wild mallows of New Zealand. [A Guide to the Identification of the Wild Mallows of New Zealand](

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Земноводные и пресмыкающиеся Казахстана

Список пресмыкающихся Казахстана. На территории Казахстана представлены 2 вида черепах, не менее 26 видов ящериц, не менее 21 вида змей.

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Peces continentales de la RH 15 Costa de Jalisco

Listado con base en Guzmán y Lyons, 2003.

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Peces continentales de la RH 14 Río Ameca

Listado con base en Canales-Gomez et al., 2021.

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Животный мир Приморского Края

В Приморье насчитывается около 103 видов млекопитающих, включая 82 наземных; 483 вида птиц; 18 — пресмыкающихся, с учётом морских змей и черепах; 9 — земноводных; 377 — пресноводных и морских рыб; свыше 22 тысяч — насекомых, в том числе самые большие жук, дневная бабочка и оса России. Среди них м...

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Tiger Beetles of Martha's Vineyard

Variously treated as a family (Cicindelidae) or a subfamily (Cicindelinae) within the ground beetle family, Carabidae, tiger beetles are a distinctive group of predatory beetles mostly associated with open habitats. Adults are active hunters, running down smaller arthropods as prey; larvae live i...

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