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Guides help you learn about biodiversity all around the world. Whether you're exploring the Serengeti or just your local park (which might be the Serengeti), Guides can help you make sense of our planet's stunning diversity of life.

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Megafauna Marine Parks (W Palearctic)

In progress companion guide to the megafauna parks (w palearctic) guide, currently collecting all the megafauna native to the European seas and oceans. (Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean, Black Sea, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Barents Sea) Note: Red Sea and Caspian Sea currently not included.

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Crotalus Snakes of Clark County, Nevada

The Crotalus genus contains venomous pit vipers found within the Viperidae family. These vipers are known as rattlesnakes, or “rattlers”. The word Crotalus stems from the Greek word krótalon, meaning “rattle” or “castanet”. This refers to the distinctive rattle found on the end of the snake’s tai...

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Birds of Orange County, CA

Birds: Birds are warm blooded vertebrates that comprise of the Class, Aves Linnaeus: the kingdom, Animalia kingdom: Phylum, Chordata. The characteristics of birds include feathers, laying eggs, toothless beaked jaws, a heart with four chambers and a strong lightweight skeleton. Orange County: ...

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Frogs of British Columbia

Frogs of British Columbia with tags for regions of BC that each frog is found

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Noxious and Invasive Plants of Calgary, AB

This guide aims to educate users in recognizing some of Alberta's invasive plants and to help document their distribution. The following list includes noxious and invasive plants outlined by the Province of Alberta and City of Calgary as prohibited noxious weeds and plants. There are man...

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Aves del valle interandino de Quito / Birds of the inter-Andean valley of Quito, Ecuador

Algunas de las aves más comunes del valle interandino de Quito, Ecuador

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Flora y fauna de Juan Sabines G, Villa Corzo Chiapas

Guía de apoyo para recorridos en campo

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Field Guide to Woodend Nature Sanctuary

Woodend Nature Sanctuary is the headquarters of the Audubon Naturalist Society, whose mission is to inspire residents of the greater Washington, DC, region to appreciate, understand, and protect their natural environment through outdoor experiences, education, and advocacy. Please enjoy a compreh...

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Phoenix Zoo Pollinator Project

This guide provides a list of pollinator species found in the Sonoran Desert. We encourage you to look for these species in your own backyards and neighborhoods! Check out the Phoenix Zoo's iNatuarlist blog to learn more about the importance of pollinators in their ecosystems and what actions you...

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Birds of Reunion island

Inland and marine birds of Réunion island - French territory in the Indian ocean

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animali di italia

animali di italia

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Beach (and coastal) Weeds of Tasmania

Tasmania being an island state is surrounded by a wonderful coastline. This list highlights some of the common and uncommon introduced species encountered in the coastal habitats. See the Tasmanian Beach Weed Strategy here:

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Echeverias de Mexico

Guía ilustrada de todas las echeverias de México.

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Erebidae Moths of SW Australia

Some of the species found in SW Ausralia but not available in iNaturalist include: Aloa gangara, Arrhythmica semifusca, Brachycyttara crypsipyrrha, Cheliosea sp., Hypena simplex, Ionthas thirkelli, Scoliacma xuthopis, ophta sp., Stenarcha stenopa, Tigrioides nitens,

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Northwest Tucson Early-Mid Spring Wildflowers

These are flowering species found in northwestern Tucson , including Oro Valley, Catalina, and Oracle. These are species observed late February-March, 2020.

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Mariposas diurnas del Santuario Bosque de Niebla

Guía de la especies de mariposas diurnas más comunes y fáciles de observar en el Santuario Bosque de Niebla. Material de apoyo para las actividades del Programa de Formación Científica Temprana.

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Noctuidae moths of Southwest Australia

Some of the species in southwest Australian that are not available in iNaturalist include: Agrotis cygnea, Agrotis emboloma, Agrotis poliophaea, Caradrina callinera, Caradrina confinis, Catoblemma dubia, Corrha pandesma, Ectopatria clavigera, Ectopatria deloptis, Ectopatria mundoides, Eremochroa ...

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Birds of Woodend

Woodend Nature Sanctuary was donated to the Audubon Naturalist Society in the 1960s as a refuge for birds in the DC area. Learn more here about the avian residents and visitors to this urban oasis.

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Invasive Vincetoxicum/Dog strangling Vines in North America

There are two common and widespread species of Vincetoxicum in eastern North America. They have overlapping ranges, and are very difficult to distinguish without flowers, especially from photographs. I have collected some representative photos to make it easier to correctly identify them, and to ...

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Spring Greens and other edibles- Briar Bush Nature Center

Can you find these edible weeds in your neighborhood? For more photos and information, click on the plant link. PLEASE NOTE- this guide is for interest only. Eating wild plants has risks, so do your homework before eating any uncultivated plants. While these are primarily non-native weeds, co...

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Urban mosses and lichens of Atlantic Canada

This guide is meant to assist Atlantic Canadians with continuing their natural history explorations through the year, as mosses and lichens (and liverworts!) are some of the few groups that are just as easy to identify in the winter as they are in the summer. There are a broad diversity of specie...

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Flora and Fauna of Lynches River County Park

A guide to compile the flora and fauna seen here in Lynches River County Park. This guide is to help visitors know what species can be found within the park and encourage them to go and find them!

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Mamíferos en la Reserva Lisbran

La microcuenca de la quebrada Dalí se encuentra en la vereda San José, en el municipio de Santa Rosa de Cabal, departamento de Risaralda. ubicada en la vertiente derecha del rió Otún. La reserva Lisbran área de influencia de dicha quebrada cuenta aproximadamente 375 Ha, distribuidas en un r...

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Reptiles of Lake Anna State Park and the surrounding area.

This guide can help you with identifying reptiles in Spotsylvania and Louisa Counties in Virginia, specifically centered around Lake Anna State Park.

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Ranas de la Reserva Lisbran Risaralda

La microcuenca de la quebrada Dalí se encuentra en la vereda San José, en el municipio de Santa Rosa de Cabal, departamento de Risaralda. ubicada en la vertiente derecha del rió Otún La reserva Lisbran área de influencia de dicha quebrada cuenta aproximadamente 375 Ha, distribuidas en un rango...

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Animals of Miami University

These are the animals, big and small, that can be found at any of the Miami University Campuses. This is not a complete list (yet!) and the data is coming from iNat observations to start.

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Aves de Aguascalientes

Muestra las especies observadas en Ags

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