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ASM Mammals of Pennsylvania

This is a guide produced by the American Society of Mammalogists Public Education Committee. The guide includes all the mammals found in Pennsylvania according to the Society (see http://www.mammalsociety.org/mammals-list for more information).

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Marsh Survey 2014 CURB Plants

These plants were found in the Tidal Marsh of the Center for the Urban River during the annual survey of 2014. This will help us determine the changes in plant cover from 2014 to 2019.

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Insect Orders of the Eastern Cape

This is a teaching guide for freshman biologists.

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Birds of the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

Bird species found at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center in Houston, TX.

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Totnes Wildlife

The wildlife spotted in Totnes

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Common Lawn Weeds of Northeastern North America

I'm thinking specifically of weeds that occur abundantly in short, regularly-mowed lawns. Please message me if you'd like to contribute or have species suggestions... Definitely unfinished.

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Birds of Chatham University

Although Chatham is located in the busy city of Pittsburgh, Many species of birds are found on the campus. This is a guide for the birds you might see while visiting.

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Abbotts Lagoon Wildlflowers (Selected) - PRNSA

Selected plants from Abbotts Lagoon Trail that bloom in June and July.

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Abbotts Lagoon Wildflowers

Flowers occurring on the Abbotts Lagoon trail and surrounding dunes and beaches

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Port Nickel Habitat Project Field Guide

a Freeport McMoRan Project in conjunction with UNO-PIES, LSU AgCenter Coastal Roots, 4H, WSNelson, and Local Area Schools

Edited by diannamahony
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Guía de Rapaces de CABA

Aves Rapaces comunes de ver en la ciudad de Buenos Aires

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A Field Guide to Kia Kima Scout Reservation

A guide to plants, animals, and other living things that can be found at the Kia Kima Scout Reservation near Hardy Arkansas.

Edited by ryanpudwell
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Fish Biodiversity within Isle Royale National Park

Isle Royale National Park sits entirely within Lake Superior and because of this it has become not only a literal island but an island of biodiversity not unlike the Galapagos or similar evolutionary hot spots. While Isle Royale hasn't seem the same extent of species flourish (mostly due to its e...

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South Hams Wildlife

What it says on the tin

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Dragonflies of Caledon State Park, Virginia

A collection of observations from Caledon State Park, Virginia.

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Canyonlands Field Guide

A simple collection of observed species.

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A Field Guide to Camp Currier

This is a guide to the plants, animals, and other organisms that can be found at Camp Currier in Eudora, MS

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Plant Mysteries at Sagehen

Some of these plants are so variable within the Sagehen basin that individuals seem almost unrelated, and may be new subspecies. Some of them appear to be unreported taxa. See our checklist on the Place page for more info about each plant. These are good future projects for sleuthing botani...

Edited by faerthen
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Sagehen's Mycorrhizal Cheaters

Flipping the usual script, where mycorrhizal fungi siphon sugar from plant roots, some plants get all or part of their food from parasitism upon those fungi (who probably got it from trees), rather than from photosynthesis. The Pyrola group is one of a select few that can live both photosynthe...

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Biodiversidad De la finca El Tahúr y La Banqueta

en esta guía se pretende dar a conocer las especies encontradas en la finca El Tahúr y La Banqueta propiedad de la Universidad de Los Llanos.

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