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Parque Natural de Collserola Flora

Listado de las especies vegetales que se pueden encontrar en el parque.

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Parque Natural de Collserola Vertebrados

Listado de todos los Vertebrados del Parque Natural de Collserola, las especies que sean visto mas esporadicamente y que no estan establecidas no aparecen en esta guia. en el caso de las Aves estan incluidas las especies de paso en migración.

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Fauna e Flora da Caatinga

Fauna e flora da caatinga do rio grande do norte, um estado do nordeste brasileiro

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Bird's Nest Fungi (Nidulariaceae) of the Pacific Northwest

Removed because of lack of observations: Nidula emodensis.

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Cup Fungi (Pezizales) of the Pacific Northwest

Operculate Cup Fungi (Pezizales) NOTES: Species list taken from iNat oberservations of Washington and Oregon from the Pezizales order with truffel, morel, and saddle genera removed: Helvella, Morchella, Gyromitra, Verpa, Tuber, Geopora. Species augmented from Key to the genera of the operc...

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Jelly Fungi of the Pacific Northwest

Agaricomycetes, Dacrymycetes, Tremellomycetes NOTES: Species taken from iNat observations in Oregon and Washington from the Dacrymycetaceae family, the Tremellales order, and the Auriculariales order and supplemented with the Trial field key to PILEATE JELLY FUNGI in the Pacific Northwest....

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Cup Fungi (Helotiales) of the Pacific Northwest

Inoperculate Cup Fungi (Helotiales) NOTES: Species list compiled from observations found in Oregon and Washington on iNat in the Order Helotiales and from Cup Fungi of the Pacific Northwest. Removed because lack of observations: Ascocoryne cylichnium, Trochila ilicina, Neodasyscypha cer...

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Stink bugs of New Zealand

A guide to the eight species, and three subspecies, of stink bugs (Pentatomidae) in New Zealand. Icon image © Maurice (iNat user epitree) CC BY-NC.

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Guia de Aves na Região dos Lagos do RJ

Guia de Aves na Região dos Lagos: Biodiversidade, Monitoramento e Análise de Registros.

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UA Wetland Ecology

wetland species for the 2020 spring semester of wetland ecology at the University of Akron

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Biodiversidad de la Laguna de Yuriria

La Laguna de Yuriria es un hábitat de descanso y alimentación temporal de aves migratorias de la ruta del centro del país, además alberga especies subacuáticas típicas de un humedal como el tule Typha domingensis, nenufar, papiro, carrizo, Lenteja de agua, lechugilla y lirio acuático. Los tipos d...

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Fauna y flora de la Reserva Natural La Esperanza

La Reserva natural La Esperanza es un área de conservación privada situada en municipio de Jardín (Antioquia, Colombia). La región es una zona reconocida por su importancia para la conservación y un sitio muy frecuentado por los avituristas. La Esperanza tiene un área aproximada de 20 hectáreas y...

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Aves del JBDABM

Aves registradas en el Jardín Botánico "Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marín" en Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo.

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Sydney Water Self-guide: Plant & Animal ID

Here's a short list of common species (and taxa) you might find at our Stage 4 Geography self-guide sites. Some native others introduced or invasive. If you'd like to investigate furth...

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Wildlife of Lancaster

Learn about all kinds of animals that live in Lancaster here.

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Waxcap and Allied Mushroom (Hygrophoraceae) of the Pacific Northwest

A keyed guide (color, habitat, odor, associate tree, viscidity, etc.) to the waxcaps for the PNW. Species list was compiled from 'Oregon and Washington' iNat place. Keys Color: main color(s) of the cap. Habitat: where mushroom is found. Odor: special odors if any. Relationship: mycorrhizal...

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Sequoia National Park Scavenger Hunt

This guide was originally created for use in high school field trips, but hopefully all will enjoy! Please feel free to add to it with species that may possible by observed in the foothills, chaparral, and montane ecosystems.

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Invasive Plants of Algonquin Provincial Park

To provide a visual list of our major invasive plants, to help document their occurrence, and aid in control and removal. To see the larger Algonquin Provincial Park project, see

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Praying Mantis of sw Australia

Praying Mantis species of the greater southwest including Perth.

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Mo Ranch Wild Flowers

Wildflowers found at Mo Ranch

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Heritage Reservation: Birds

An incomplete list of the commonly seen or heard birds of Heritage Reservation. ***There might be a more advanced and complete list coming soon.

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Heritage Reservation: Mammals

An incomplete list of commonly seen and heard mammals at Heritage Reservation. Some of these can be identified by tracks, scat, and tell-tale signs.

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Heritage Reservation: Reptiles and Amphibians

An incomplete list of common reptiles and amphibians found at Heritage Reservation.

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Odonata Yucatan

Libélulas y caballitos del diablo de Yucatán

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Leaf Beetles of southwest Australia

Many species and genus not available in iNaturalist yet. This is for the greater southwest including Perth.

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Tallgrass Species - Holland Landing Prairie

Help us rediscover these signature species of the Holland Landing Tallgrass Prairie. This is a list of prairie affiliated species previously known to the site. We would appreciate records for any of these (or other) species - particularity the species tagged Rare or Missing. Either way, enjoy y...

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