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Biodiversidad de la vereda Canica

La vereda Canica, situada en el municipio de Subachoque (Cundinamarca) alberga una muestra típica de la biodiversidad de las zonas altas de la cordillera Oriental de Colombia. Esta región alberga hábitats tan variados como bosques y matorrales nativos, campos de cultivo, potreros para la ganaderí...

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Pflanzen, Pilze, Moose, Algen, Tiere in Bern

Lerne die Natur in deiner Umgebung kennen.

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OLP Backpacking Training

TEST RUN for possible future usage in program

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Aves de Aguascalientes, México.

Catalogo de aves de Aguascalientes observados e identificados en la ciudad y areas naturales del Estado por miembros del grupo AvesAgs del 2013 al 2019.

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The Giant Forests of Tasmania - plants & fungi

Wet sclerophyll, rainforest, "mixed": Eucalyptus and other fire-dependent vegetation growing over fire-sensitive Southern Hemisphere rainforest plants. A field guide for our Expeditions and for any adventures you may have in the wet Tasmania forests. It's a work in progress - please feel free to...

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Fishes of Pend Orielle County WA

Visual guide to the native and invasive fresh water fishes that inhabit the streams lakes and rivers in Pend Orielle county WA.

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Birds of Urban Parks of Cartagena, Colombia.

Common species of birds at the urban parks in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

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Wild Edible Plants and Plant Medicines of the Pacific Northwest (BC)

A guide to the wild edible plants and medicinal plant medicines found in the Pacific Northwest region of North America: British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Northern California. These plants are mainly founded in the coastal rainforests along the west coast in the rainforests, mountains, w...

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Learning To Identify The Trees of the Pacific Northwest Rainforest (BC)

Can you identify the different trees found in the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest stretching from Northern California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia to Alaska? Here's how to start identifying the common trees in the temperate rainforest ecosystems such as the Douglas Fir, Western He...

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Terrestrial Vertebrates of Everglades National Park

Includes mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians

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Amphibians of Pennsylvania

Amphibians that can be found in Pennsylvania

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Reptiles of Pennsylvania

Reptiles that can be found in a Pennsylvania

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Birds of Pennsylvania

Birds that can be found in Pennsylvania

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Mammals of Pennsylvania

Mammals that can be found in Pennsylvania

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Mammals of Awenda

This guide contains a comprehensive list of mammal species seen in Awenda Provincial Park. This is a guide to the Checklist of Mammals available in the park store, printed and coordinated by the Friends of Awenda. The Checklist of Mammals is a product of records generated by scientific research a...

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Invasive Species of Southeast New Hampshire

A short guide to some of the invasive species found in the southeastern corner of New Hampshire (area near Portsmouth).

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Serpientes venenosas de El Salvador.

En El Salvador se han reportado 61 especies de serpientes, de las cuales 9 son venenosas, estas pertenecen a la familia Elapidae y Viperidae. La elaboración de la guía tiene como objetivo que las personas o instituciones interesadas logren identificar las especies peligrosas de El Salvador; se...

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Mammal Watch Porongurup

Mammalian fauna in Australia is generally dominated by marsupials but there is also rodents, bats and other placental mammals to be found as well. A whopping 87% of Australian terrestrial mammals are found nowhere else in the world. Like many creatures in Australia the local mammals are often cry...

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Native Plants of Assateague Island

As listed in "An Annotated Checklist of the Vascular Flora of Assateague Island (Maryland and Virginia)" Authored by Steven R. Hill, Published by the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society)

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Ophioninae of California

1. Enicospilus glabratus 2. Enicospilus purgatus 3. Enicospilus flavostigma 4. Enicospilus sarukhani 5. Enicospilus americanus 6. Enicospilus texanus 7. Ophion magniceps 8. Ophion bilineatus 9. Eremotylus costalis 10. Eremotylus abnormus 11. Eremotylus bulbosus 12. Eremotylus subfu...

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Backyard Exploration

Plants found in my backyard

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Fungi of Burleson

This guide include organisms from the Kingdom Fungi around STEAM Middle School and the greater Burleson Area.

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Orchid Watch Porongurup

Orchid mycorrhizae have a symbiotic relationships between the roots of plants of the family Orchidaceae and a variety of fungi. All orchids need this relationship at some point in their life cycle. Many adult orchids retain their fungal symbionts throughout their life, although the benefits to th...

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SPark Nature

Discover the diverse and beautiful species that make their home in SPark, in the San Bernardino Mountains. Please note that this is private property, and permission is needed to explore here. Species in the guide are listed in this order: amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, arachnids, insect...

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Centro Comunitario Ahuayoto

Biodiversidad de los alrededores del Centro Comunitario Ahuayoto

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