Let's Keep Going!

NYC Nature lovers! Thank you for your excellent observations these past two days! Three more days to go! Let's keep up the good work!

Today was National Citizen Science Day and we had four events around the city at Greenbelt Nature Center, Central Park, Van Cortlandt Park, and the Lower East Side Ecology Center. Thank you to the Macaulay students who helped out at these events! There's still one more event on Tuesday at Washington Square Park hosted by @wspecoprojects (see the previous journal post for details).

It was also Native Plant Day. I saw some great native plants posted! Let's get more spring ephemerals in!

Extra thanks to our top 10 observers so far: @lisabrundage @susanhewitt @qingh @er1kksen @lisabg @elaphrornis @margot713 @kevparsonsproject and @plantago and @gquioan (tied)

It looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day tomorrow! Can't wait to see what we discover!

Posted by klodonnell klodonnell, April 16, 2017 02:20


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