October 18, 2020

Nature Observation 2

On Sunday October 18 it was a cold 43 degrees and somewhat sunny with a bit of clouds. I was once again in front of the Olin hall steps around the main entrance. The weather was the same as last week just except it was earlier in the day today than last week. I haven't noticed any changes since last week I saw most of the same bugs but I did see a new spider this week and then got a plant that I didn't have last week. I didn't observe anything different with the bugs most of them were just standing still or weren't eating . I used the red spots on the red alder to tell it was that plant versus the other ones. I learned that all of these bugs have been in Mount Vernon for a while and that the giant crib spider isn't actually as big as you would think it is with the name giant. I think I have seen all of these bugs before except for the giant crab spider. There are a lot of of the red alder plants outside of olin and I see the False honey ants and the genus halyomorpha quite often. The only one I don't see a lot is the spider, that was a new one for me to see today. A personal reflection of the assignment for me today was I enjoyed the other one a little bit more, partly because I was cold outside today. But I also found more interesting bugs last week compared to the ones I saw this year. I still found out some things I didn't know this week with some of the bugs.

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October 11, 2020

Nature Observation 1

Colin Konicek
BIO 142
Nature observation

For this naturalistic observation I was right outside of Olin hall along the sidewalk. I thought it would be a good idea to do the observation there because whenever I walk in I always seem to notice some type of bug while I’m walking. I noticed a lot of different bugs and organisms while I was observing. The weather when I did it was around 62 degrees Fahrenheit, I went late at night so it was somewhat dark but I used my flashlight to be able to see the ground and the bugs around me. I chose to go later at night because not many people would be walking around and distracting me while I was trying to find the bugs. Some of the details of the organisms I found out with the Ring-legged Earwig was how fast it was, I actually struggled getting a photo of it because of how quickly it moved while I was trying to take a picture. Another thing that I thought was really interesting was I got to see a moth carry a Lady beetle. I thought that part was really cool to watch it carry it. A personal reflection from last night, I actually enjoyed this homework. I thought it was cool to see what type of bugs were around the dorm that I live in and I got to see where they came from before. I think that going at night was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I felt like I was able to focus a lot better rather than me going in the day. I think I will be able to see a different change in bugs as time goes on throughout this block and see some new things.

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