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October 15, 2018

On the importance of raising awareness of properly tagging observations of cultivated plants in Europe

iNaturalist is undoubtedly a site with immense potential.
Unfortunately, many users do not take care to read and put into practice the recommendations contained in the site instructions. Thus, many observations of cultivated plants are posted untagged.
Many of these users are simply new and have still not understood that iNaturalist is not a gardening website, others are simply superficial.
I believe we all could spend some time raising awareness among users who post pictures of cultivated plants without the proper tag.
I have already started doing this with the observations from Italy. Of course I cannot deal with all observations from Europe on my own.
I propose you to use a standard form to be translated in various European languages.

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October 05, 2018

A Global Compendium of Weeds, 2nd Edition

A Global Compendium of Weeds, 2nd Edition

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