Primary Difference Between Adult Species of Acanalonia conica and Acanalonia servillei

I'm making this entry, because there seems to be a lot of confusion between which species is actually A. conica and A. servillei. Basically, when it comes to the Acanalonia planthoppers, more specifically, A. conica and A. servillei, it all boils down to the shape of their heads and the way in which the veins go. Either species may have red eyes.

NOTE: This does not pertain to Neotropical species of Acanalonia that resemble these two.

A. conica
A. conica have pointy heads. They have two (2) dots behind their heads close to their wings, but this is not always visible. The veins on their wings do not run parallel to one another and travel toward the back of their wings. Some A. conica may have a thin pale dorsal line at the top of their wings, but this line is restricted to the wings.

A. servillei
A. servillei do not have pointy heads. It looks as if they have a blunted nose. Their wings have three veins that run parallel to one another that travel at an upward angle toward the top of the wing. They also have a pale dorsal line, which is much wider than A. conica's line, and the line usually extends toward the head. A. servillei are also bigger than A. conica.

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FYI, Shannon — I think these journal entries are SUPER helpful! Thanks so much for curating so many of the existing taxa on iNat as well. :)

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Why thank you! I appreciate that! I try my best. I’m learning everyday. I do make mistakes sometimes, but it happens. I didn’t learn about iNaturalist until April of this year and wish I would’ve found this a lot sooner! There are so many fascinating species to see on here. I’m just in awe sometimes. It has literally opened my eyes to see even more beautiful things.

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Haha -- yeah, I was just talking about my life pre-iNat and post-iNat! ;) It's so amazing how much it has opened my eyes to all of the different organisms and groups of organisms that were just waiting for me to see/acknowledge them. :)

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You are so right! I feel exactly the same way. It is definitely amazing to be able to see them and learn about the ones we didn’t know about, or didn’t know much about. It’s awesome! 😃

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