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Earth Lab

Species likely to be found in and around Groundwork's Earth Lab.

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Guia Ilustrado dos pentatomídeos de importância econômica na América do Sul

Com o objetivo de organizar e ilustrar as espécies relacionadas à plantas cultivadas na América do Sul, o guia ilustrado engloba as 42 espécies de Pentatomidae de importância econômica como apoio visual para identificação em pesquisas acadêmicas, incluindo desde estudos taxonômicos, ecológicos e ...

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Guía de Aves de AMUPROLAGO

Guía de aves creada con el fin de capacitar a los Guarda Recursos de la Cuenca del Lago de Yojoa en identificación de las 30 aves más comunes en la mancomunidad.

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cadaveric entomofauna of the Edwards Plateau

Arthropod life drawn to the grey forest corpse garden

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Metro Phoenix EcoFlora Non-recorded

Species that have been seen on iNaturalist, but do not appear to have a voucher in the local herbaria for the metro Phoenix area. This guide was created by the Metro Phoenix EcoFlora. In collaboration with the Desert Botanical Garden and the Central Arizona Conservation Alliance (CAZCA), the M...

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Field Guide to all the Snakes of Canada

Around 35 snake species call Canada home. In this guide, you'll explore Canada's non-venomous and venomous species. *This guide is only for educational purposes.

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Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park Plants

A full list of native and exotic plants found in Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park (in development).

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Invasive Plants of South Mountain Reservation

Invasive plants are disruptive to our local ecosystems, because they've been separated from their natural predators. As a result, they grow unchecked, here, and threaten to crowd out the native species that our local insects, birds, and other animals depend on. People here don't talk about it...

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Trees and Shrubs of the Wildflower Preserve, in South Mountain Reservation

A list of the trees and shrubs observed in the Wildflower Preserve, at South Mountain Reservation, Essex County, NJ

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Birds of South Mountain Reservation

All birds observed in South Mountain Reservation, Essex County, NJ To see the individual observations for each of these, see this page,

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Trees of South Mountain Reservation

This guide describes the trees and shrubs observed in South Mountain Reservation, Essex County, NJ.

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Phenology phase II candidate species for BARR

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Invertebrates of South Mountain Reservation

This lists every species of insect, spider, or slug that's been identified in South Mountain Reservation. Because there are so many, they're listed by their taxonomic group, not by how common they are. You can use the "Taxonomy" buttons on the left side of the page to see only specific types ...

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Frogs and Toads of South Mountain Reservation

All species of frogs and toads that people have found in South Mountain Reservation. Most of these are easier to recognize by their mating calls than by actually seeing them. The Frogwatch program has been tracking frogs in this area since 2014. You can find t...

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Ferns of South Mountain Reservation

This guide shows the different species of fern that have been observed in South Mountain Reservation. The most commonly observed species is Christmas Fern, both because it's widespread, and it's one of the few plants that's green throughout the winter. New York Fern is widespread, as well. ...

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Mushrooms of Southeastern Pennsylvania

The mushrooms of Southeastern Pennsylvania

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Corales duros del Caribe de Costa Rica

Los corales son animales coloniales con colores brillantes y llamativos. Algunas especies se relacionan estrechamente con pequeñas algas que viven en su interior (relación simbiótica). Son organismos que requieren de la luz, por lo que es común encontrarlas en aguas poco profundas. El Caribe d...

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Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park Common Native Plants

Common native plants found in Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park. For more information, photos and locations, click on a plant of interest, click on "More Info" and select "iNatBC Taxon Page".

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Macroinvertebrados marinos móviles del Pacífico de Costa Rica

Los macroinvertebrados marinos son organismos de formas extrañas muy variadas. Por lo general se pueden observar en las zonas intermareales (pozas de playa) y en los arrecifes. Ambos lugares de fácil acceso para las personas. En el Pacífico de Costa Rica podemos encontrar gran diversidad de es...

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Little Maquoketa River Mounds

40th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt 6.10.21

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Peces arrecifales del Área de Conservación Osa

Los peces arrecifales son organismos muy diversos en formas y colores. Su hábitat, los arrecifes, son sitios someros y de fácil acceso para las personas, lo que nos permite disfrutar de su belleza con solamente una máscara y un snorkel. El Pacífico Sur de Costa Rica es una zona con gran biod...

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