Exotics or native wildlife?

There have been some questions about whether we're just interested in native wildlife or whether we would accept observations for exotic/non-native species in this project. Please feel free to add exotic species observations as we can always use and sort these data in different ways.

Posted by taniahomayoun taniahomayoun, February 23, 2021 16:36



I found a dead Mockingbird in the backyard huddled in a corner poor baby

Posted by skiplahoo 7 days ago (Flag)

I observed 1 dead mockingbird and 2 possible dead cedar waxwings on our property. We observed the mockingbird looking for food during the storm so I was sad to see he didn't make it.

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We found 3 dead birds (1 robin, 1 downy woodpecker & 1 white-winged dove) under our holly bushes after Storm Uri. Additionally, on one of coldest days, we noticed birds (bluebirds, mockingbirds) hopping and cuddling near the house; few times mockingbirds flew into garage. One mockingbird stayed in garage overnight, but despite leaving fleece bedding, water & crumbled crackers, did not make it by morning. We normally feed birds w/ 10-12 feeders; broke ice from water ponds and heated birdbaths daily w/ hot water during storm; have several berry bushes, needle trees/bushes, greenhouse & sheds for cover. Noticed "hundreds" of robins and red-winged blackbirds swarm our feeders & berry bushes during storm and may have disturbed the normal bird population at our home. We were able to keep up food tho started to run low towards end of storm and until able to get more feed and while stll freezing added amateur homemade bird suet. Did all we could to save every bird but wished could have done more. After storm and to date, a particular mockingbird is guarding some of the feeders and keeps birds away whenever able. I read birds will work around these behaviors, but wonder how we can help keep it equitable?! Thank you for being here to help us help our feather friends.

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I am providing a link to the history of the cold outbreak generated by the National Weather Service. This summary can give one an idea of when the environment was most stressed by the cold air.


Also, I want to include a link to NOAA's real time satellite images as a basis for this question: Did the cold air deplete the bacterial load in offshore waters to produce clear nearshore waters from Texas to Florida? I remember such an event in Mississippi Sound in the 1950s and it appears to be the case from this satellite image:


One other impact has to be on plants, especially non - native and invasive plants. Might those plants show signs of damage (as Live Oaks are doing now by their withered leaves) and give us a boost in our efforts to control such species as Ligustrum?

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