NYBG EcoFlora Update April 2020

The April EcoQuest Challenge is LOOK FOR LEAF MINERS FROM HOME

Leaf Miners are insects that spend a portion of their life cycle inside a plant leaf. In their larval stages, these insects feed on the nutritious tissue between the upper and lower leaf surfaces. Their movements in search of fresh tissue are often visible through the leaf surface as distinct trails.

1. Visit the LOOK FOR LEAF MINERS FROM HOME project page on iNaturalist. You will see thumbnail images of all 17,000 White Snakeroot observations, arranged in rows and columns.

2. Click on one of the thumbnails to call up that observation.

3. Look for evidence of Leaf Miner activity (distinct trails lighter in color than leaf surfaces) in each of the images for that ...more ↓

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The New York City EcoFlora combines the New York Botanical Garden's historical strengths in collections with emerging opportunities in digital technology and community science to maximize the impact on plant conservation in New York City. All New Yorkers are invited to participate as community scientists to observe, collect, and compile information about the City’s plants and their ...more ↓

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