City Nature Challenge 2019: Cleveland-Akron-Canton's News

May 09, 2019

The Results are in!

Thank you everyone for your participation in the 2019 City Nature Challenge!

The winning cities this year are:
Cape Town with 53,763 Observations
Cape Town with 4,588 Species
San Francisco with 1,947 Observers

Check out the Leaderboard for more results.

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April 30, 2019

Over 4,000 observations - nice work!

Great job, everyone! We have over 4,000 observations logged. Over the next few days (until May 5th) we have time to review observations and finish identifying. Results will be announced next week.

World-wide, a total of 766,957 observations were made over the last 4 days - WOW! We are part of a team of over 30,000 iNaturalist users who spent time this weekend observing local biodiversity. Over 26,000 species were logged over only 4 days (that number might grow as we continue identifying photos.)

Huge thank you to all who organized events in support of the challenge and to all who lead programs on a regular basis to get people outside to appreciate what we have in the Cleveland-Akron-Canton region.

As the City Nature Challenge comes to a close over the next few days, check out the other projects collecting data on iNaturalist or continue using the app to document and learn more about your own discoveries.

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April 29, 2019

Last Day to Make Observations

A big thank you to all who have made observations or identifications so far and an additional shout out to our top observers who have contributed the most observations to date: @rcurtis @cladonia_chris @lisa63 @azornoutdoors @crispiscrisp @npaytosh

Way to go, team! We have one last day to make observations.
Then, we have until May 5th to finish identifying observations or uploading observations made between 4.26-4.29.

Globally, all participaing in the City Nature Challenge (over 26,000 people) have made over 590,000 observations and have identified over 23,000 species so far - WOW! Following along with the Global City Nature Challenge iNatualist project to see the observations.

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April 27, 2019

Day 2 - here we come!

We're beginning day 2 of the City Nature Challenge with 776 observations of 368 species. This puts us in the middle of the Leaderboard, just beneath Pittsburgh, Southwest Louisiana and North East England.

The sun is shining in Cleveland today - let's see what we can find!

P.S. Last year, we ended the City Nature Challenge with over 6,700 observations. We need some help!
Calling on these fabulous iNaturalist users to help us observe:
@tortuga_rapido @murrdogg @cvnpeec @owa-ray @hannahdustin @jsemroc @mmnat @phil_bartholomae @becky5 @npaytosh @camelcreek @bwhiteley @annefarley @ladynaturalist @docentdiane @skyepkaminski @franshark @deankulwake18 @dpdawes @gpdnaturalists @jeanettegirosky @rjm2 @treehugger15 @birdnerd78 @hannbby @venskoskee @yarnia @millerds @juliamorgan @andrea174 @amosme @eba141 @jake_taylor @sbrannoch @paleoguy @matturalist

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April 26, 2019

Day one of the City Nature Challenge!

150 cities around the world are looking for biodiversity - what will Cleveland-Akron-Canton find?!?

Shout out to @crispiscrisp @dan355 @bbedell42 @t_krynak @jonathan2 for being the first 5 people to submit observations on iNaturalist.

Shout out to @hendre17 @awaheed @raymie @jwidness for being our first 4 identifiers.

As of 9:24 AM, we have 13 observations and 32 members following along on the iNaturalist project page. Grab some friends and head outside - let's see how quickly we can double these numbers!

Comment below to invite iNaturalist users you know to participate. Use @ followed by their username and they will get a notification.

If you're on social media, use #CityNatureChallenge

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April 23, 2019

Get Ready for City Nature Challenge 2019!

Welcome to the Cleveland-Akron-Canton team!!!

In just a few days we will be competing against 150 teams around the WORLD to see who can document the most biodiversity. Stats will be compiled through iNaturalist and bragging rights will be awarded based on the following categories:
1) Highest number of TOTAL observations
2) Highest number of species recorded and identified
3) Most people participating

Check out the City Nature Challenge Website for more information and follow along here to stay up to date on our team's progress.

Important Dates:
Upload Observations to iNaturalist from April 26-April 29.
Finish identifying observations through May 5th.

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