Biodiversity of the Northern Neck, VA, USA's Journal

January 14, 2021

Project open to the Public!

Welcome All, a NEW iNaturalist project covering the geography of the Northern Neck of Virginia has been launched. The project is open for you to "join". We look forward to learning and exploring the natural communities of the northern neck through each others postings. And in the process help scientists and natural resource communities better understand the NN natural community.

The geography includes the Virginia counties of Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond and Westmoreland.


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December 11, 2020

Welcome to the NNMN Winter Nature Challenge

  1. Clean Swell beach clean - stewardship: clean a beach or waterway, photograph and count what you found, upload findings to Clean Swell. Invite a few friends for a Covid-wise beach clean. Our Group name in CleanSwell app is NNMN Winter Nature Challenge
  2. Biodiversity Scavenger hunt - citizen science: Find, photograph and identify the items on the WNC Scavenger list. Use iNaturalist and eBird to report your findings. "Join" the iNat Project: Biodiversity of the Northern Neck, VA, USA. "Search" for other projects to join using "Biodiversity Virginia" as keywords. You'll see Biodiversity of Belle Isle, Westmoreland and Caledon State Parks. There are more on the northern neck. Search for other natural resources you might be interested in.
  3. Northern Neck Winter Bird Count - eBird: Take an hour or two, head out to a lesser visited or newer location for yourself. Use eBird to report your findings. Consider using the Northern Neck loop of the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail,
  4. Environmental Education! getting out there, learning to use new resources for identifying your observations. Now turn around and share. Each one / teach one.

Looking forward to seeing what we find!

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