Day 2 at Foxcroft Farms

On the second day of visiting the farm, we found even more biodiversity. Most interestingly, we found various insects in and around the water. First we found what looked like a spider (unfortunately I could not capture a picture of the insect). Next we found a black ant inside of a log above the stream. There seemed to be several holes in the wood formed by the ants. During my fifteen minutes of contemplation, I noticed these insects, specifically by sound, something I had not realized before. I also noticed bubbles on the surface of the stream, presumably formed by insects. I also saw other vegetation today, including the eastern skunk cabbage. This seems abundant, especially on the bank of the stream. The stream had overflowed, washing several plants onto the shore and bridge by the stream. Because they were misplaced, they appeared to be in the early stages of death and even decomposition. This was most prominently brought on by dehydration, as the sun was rather bright this day on the farm. The strong wind also contributed to this plant displacement. There was also a fungus living in the wood found near the stream, which was only discovered because the wood was broken accidentally. This discovery goes to show just how much biodiversity, often hidden, there is in our environment.

Posted by melinad_ melinad_, April 23, 2019 02:27


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