September 06, 2019

KY Ants

Aphaenogaster fulva
Aphaenogaster rudis
Aphaenogaster tennesseensis
Aphaenogaster treatae
Brachymyrmex depilis
Camponotus americanus
Camponotus castaneus
Camponotus chromaiodes
Camponotus decipiens
Camponotus nearcticus
Camponotus pennsylvanicus
Camponotus snellingi
Camponotus subbarbatus
Colobopsis impressa
Crematogaster laeviuscula
Crematogaster lineolata
Crematogaster pilosa
Formica exsectoides
Formica incerta
Formica integra
Formica pallidefulva
Formica rubicunda
Formica subsericea
Hypoponera opacior
Lasius americanus
Lasius aphidicola
Lasius claviger
Lasius nearcticus
Lasius neoniger
Monomorium minimum
Myrmecina americana
Myrmica americana
Neivamyrmex carolinensis
Neivamyrmex nigrescens
Nylanderia faisonensis
Nylanderia parvula
Pheidole bicarinata
Pheidole pilifera
Pheidole tysoni
Polyergus lucidus
Ponera pennsylvanica
Prenolepis imparis
Proceratium crassicorne
Proceratium pergandei
Proceratium silaceum
Solenopsis carolinensis
Solenopsis molesta
Stenamma impar
Stigmatomma pallipes
Strumigenys angulata
Strumigenys clypeata
Strumigenys dietrichi
Strumigenys laevinasis
Strumigenys memorialis
Strumigenys metazytes
Strumigenys missouriensis
Strumigenys ohioensis
Strumigenys ornata
Strumigenys pilinasis
Strumigenys pulchella
Strumigenys reflexa
Strumigenys rostrata
Strumigenys talpa
Tapinoma sessile
Temnothorax americanus
Temnothorax curvispinosus
Temnothorax longispinosus
Temnothorax pergandei
Temnothorax schaumii
Temnothorax smithi
Temnothorax texanus
Trachymyrmex septentrionalis

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July 15, 2019

Keys, Guides, etc.

Insects & Spiders

Checklist of KY ants

Key to Subfamilies of Formicidae in the Southeastern United States ...



Silhouette Key to Major Moth Families


Common Cicadas of North America


Bumble Bee Field Guide for Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, and Indiana

Key to Female Bumble Bees


Fishes of TN:


Crayfishes of KY book

KDFWR Checklist of species

White Beetle Grubs


American Toad Vs. Fowler's Toad

Larval Amphibian key

A Field Guide to Amphibian Larvae and Eggs
of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa

Tadpoles of the United States and Canada: A Tutorial and Key


Snail Guide to Tennessee

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