Taxonomic Swap 89600 (Committed on 2021-03-04)

genus transfer per
Otto & Hill 2021

Added by cmcheatle on March 02, 2021 17:43 | Committed by cmcheatle on March 04, 2021
replaced with


Notification to top observers/identifiers before committing. Otto & Hill have moved the species again in their 2021 update, and it has been accepted by the World Spider Catalogue which is our reference used for spiders.

Any concerns before application ?
@natashataylor @reiner @suzieandjim @lek

Posted by cmcheatle 8 months ago (Flag)

None from me!

Posted by natashataylor 8 months ago (Flag)

I am fine with that, it’s about time,
always thought it should be in Maratus because of its scute.
I assume you will be doing M griseum as well

Posted by suzieandjim 8 months ago (Flag)

@dmcheatle will you also be adding missing Maratus species as well ?

Posted by suzieandjim 8 months ago (Flag)

Just a non-scientific question from a non-scientist citizen; does that mean it's now considered a Peacock Spider???

Posted by roserobin 8 months ago (Flag)

Well original there was only one “peacock spider” the common name that Dunn used in 1957 for Saitis pavonis which he officially described 10 years prior in 1947, later to be known as Maratus pavonis. Pavonis is the Latin genitive of Latin pavo = " peacock".

As more Maratus were found the name stuck, to eventually become the common name used for the whole genus Maratus.

So yes I guess more people can now honestly say they have peacock spiders in their backyard.

Posted by suzieandjim 8 months ago (Flag)

Thanks suzieandjim - yep, I'm one of them lol, you've made me a very happy snapper!!!

Posted by roserobin 8 months ago (Flag)

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