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From Nesom's 2010 "Observations on Fraxinus albicans Buckley (Oleaceae), the correct botanical name for Texas ash":

If the nomenclatural types of F. americana var. texensis and F. albicans are conspecific with each other and not conspecific with the type of F. americana, then F. albicans of 1863 is the correct name at specific rank for Texas ash, replacing Sargent’s F. texensis (A. Gray) Sargent of 1894.

Without clear typification, the application of Fraxinus albicans has been ambiguous. A possible course toward clarification is to lectotypify it with a specimen of typical F. americana, thus allowing retention of the long-used and geographically appropriate F. texensis for the primarily Texas trees. The most justifiable interpretation of protologues and specimens, however, as detailed below, indicates that F. albicans is the correct botanical name for the Texas ash and should be adopted.

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