Excellent chaparral bloom

The chaparral is really taking advantage of the wet year to bloom like crazy. Right now chamise is out in full force, along with monkeyflower and wild cherries. Since last year there were hardly any cherries, it would be great to have a bumper crop this year. Pitcher sage is also particularly lush now. And so very many checkerspot butterflies! Both here and at St. Joseph's Hill.

Unfortunately, invasives are also really thriving. There was so much Vicia villosa in the northeast of the park that I chose not to hike there for a while, it was too depressing. In other areas, Italian thistle is rampant, along with so much alien grass, drowning out native wildflowers over whole hillsides. How to reverse this trend and restore native grasslands to their pre-European invasion state? Yes, this was a managed land then, but native people somehow managed it for diversity as well as their own use.

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Just about every day I take a walk at either Fremont Older or St. Joseph's Hill park. And since I love to photograph and identify the natural world, why not combine the two and document these places as I go along and observe them throughout the seasons.

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