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July 02, 2017

San Francisco's Presidio works to help coyotes co-exist with people, pets.

The Presidio, in the middle of a big city, is in a unique position. They can't move coyotes out of the park because that's against the law and new ones would move right in.

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July 22, 2017

Entangled California Sea Lion Evades Marine Mammal Rescuers for the Third Time in Bodega Bay.

A California sea lion suffering from a devastating entanglement evaded marine mammal rescuers yesterday in Bodega Bay, CA. Trained responders who are part of the Special Rescue Operations team at The Marine Mammal Center made a third rescue attempt on the animal, nicknamed B-Dock, near Spud Point. The sea lion has a monofilament line wrapped around his neck, cutting into his blubber. As he grows, the line will continue to tighten, potentially causing life-threatening problems for the animal.

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Elephant seals recognize each other by the rhythm of their calls.

Every day, humans pick up on idiosyncrasies such as slow drawls, high-pitched squeaks, or hints of accents to put names to voices from afar. This ability may not be as unique as once thought, researchers report. They find that unlike all other non-human mammals, northern elephant seal males consider the spacing and timing of vocal pulses in addition to vocal tones when identifying the calls of their rivals.

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California's Catalina Island Bison Bring Tourists, Concern.

The bison of Catalina Island are smaller than those on the mainland. It's not because of a genetic difference, they just don't get the right nutrients at the right time, according to Julie King, director of conservation and wildlife management at the Catalina Island Conservancy.

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July 06, 2017

CDFW Confirms Presence of Wolf Pack in Lassen County, Collars Adult Wolf.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) biologists have captured and fitted a tracking collar to a female gray wolf in Lassen County, and confirmed that the wolf and her mate have produced at least three pups this year.

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July 08, 2017

This Year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Are Looking Hilarious Already.

Get ready to see Mother Nature at her most absurd and least majestic: The annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is back for the third year running.

They’ve just announced the doors are open for budding entrants.

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July 09, 2017

Volunteers Brave Extremes to Count Bighorn Sheep in the Desert.

Second crossing is where we would camp out for 2½ days to count sheep for the 47th year of the Anza-Borrego Bighorn Sheep Count, which attracted counters from as far as Arizona and Oregon and from as near as San Diego and Los Angeles.

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July 20, 2017

San Francisco’s urban coyotes have a friend in local ‘Coyote Lady.’

Kessler has spent up to six hours a day the past decade watching and photographing coyotes in the city’s parks, where the species is so entrenched that people in many neighborhoods refer to them by name.

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