The Curious Case of the Dead Elk at Point Reyes National Seashore.

Wildlife advocates and the National Park Service are at odds over a spike in elk mortality.

Posted by biohexx1 biohexx1, September 18, 2021 18:52


I enjoyed your article about the problems that are happening at the Point Reyes NS. Outside of my own thoughts about the ecology of the region and the odd removal of the oyster farm and the permitting the dairy/cattle industry to remain in Point Reyes is that the powers of industrial and traditional associations in decision making. It seems you make a true point by revealing how our ecology is human managed and will be for the future. Personally, I think the vanity of humanity is off the mark thinking we can manage our planet. Just think how we are doing adjusting the climate? Denial and misinformation campaigns seem to have reigned for so long by some more nefarious groups that cheapen there is some kind of understanding of how the environment works. Also, the world is changing and being develop so rapidly, it puts science in a place of catch-up in slow motion The tale of these elk are the tip of a bigger iceberg. Thanks for your contribution...

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You are correct. We have seen littoral sea creatures fry this year, baby birds-of-prey nestlings jump out of nests because the heat was unbearable, and fruit bake on trees this years. All unprecendented. In addition, we have seen Cal Fish & Wildlife propose to give salmon adults a lift upstream and salmon fry a lift downstream this year. Just this week we wrapped redwoods in fire-retardant material. When do we admit we have a broken system? When do we understand/accept this is just a precursor of what is to come?

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As long as we cling to antiquated ways of thinking or maybe unbalanced because native people had some truths about living within our means, as well as, living by out of date economic models that put profits before the health of the planet and living beings everywhere, we stand to be served by Earth determining our Karma, so to speak. I am part of the problem, invested in these nutty schemes to plan my retirement. War and consumerism seem to go hand in hand. Maybe we can teach new ways to those Rainbow Warriors who might be the game changers of the future. Currently, we have ice cold solutions that we are being told are tepid. You and I understand, but there is a mass of people who have other agendas including thinking that all this is disposable and the life to come is what matters. Let's do what we can to move quickly in a cooperative and kind direction with great mindfulness.

Posted by howardfriedman1 about 1 month ago (Flag)

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