Spotlight Species #7: Bald cypress

Spotlight Species #7:
Bald cypress (Taxodium distichum)

What to Look For:
Bald cypress trees are large trees, growing up to 120 feet tall and 6 feet around. The tree is not bald but has needle-like green leaves. The “bald” moniker comes from the tree’s needles turning yellow or copper and then dropping early in the fall. They produce round green cones that turn hard and brown with tree maturity. Bald cypress trees also have cypress knees around them on the ground.

Where to Find It:
The bald cypress loves the wet soils of our wetlands, our humid weather, and our rainy days. You can find them in our swamps throughout the Waccamaw River watershed.

Why It Is a Spotlight Species:
Bald cypress trees have been in our watershed far longer than we have been! They can live for up to 600 years! They will be here in the watershed long after we’re gone.

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