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I am Navaneeth Sini George, a 16 year old school going boy interested in nature from childhood. I am a native of Kumarakom, Kerala, India and currently I am residing in Kollam, Kerala, India. I was drawn to nature by my father and birds were my greatest interest. I seriously got into birding after reading the book ' The fall of a sparrow' by Salim Ali. My first bird survey was Vembanad Waterfowl Census as part of the AWC on 22 January, 2017. I started ebird on January, 2018. My first forest bird survey was in Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala on May 2018. I was on the team to Upper Manalar, a high altitude area. During the year 2019, I took part in the Kerala Bird Atlas and went for several surveys. My interest in all other animals and plants came in par with the birds only after I joined inaturalist. Before joining inat, mammals, snakes and fishes also interested me. I found mammals to be easy and liked snakes because everybody in my place hated them and were killed at sight. Nearly all of the knowledge about freshwater fishes in and around Vembanad lake is local knowledge as fishes are a regular sight and a main source of food for the people. I like travelling, birding, fishing, observing all kinds of animals and plants, photography, bird call recording, collecting coins and stamps, reading, cycling, skating and a little bit of drawing.
Now I am completely addicted to observe nature and easily gets distracted when I hear a bird or any other animal. This has affected me both positively and negatively.

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