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I was first interested in botany. Took one class on plant families, got to know the 'gestalt' of most of them, but that was back in the early 1980s. I've forgotten so much, but CalFlora is a big help. Then I got interested in mycology, but that's way way harder. White spored mushroom families are easy, but getting an Amanita or Russula to species is hard. The brown spored specimens completely stump me. Even ones I've seen every year. I try to identify birds, but they're usually too fast for me to photograph with the iPhone. And if I see a mammal or amphibian on a hike and can get a picture I will. Insects fascinate me, but I never took an entomology class so sometimes I can't even get close. I'm basically recording whatever I see so someone can come along later and check the range of the species as the climate changes.

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