Jaime González {a.k.a Habitat Jaime}

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I am a Houston-based conservationist, environmental educator, naturalist, communicator, and prairie advocate. My work focuses on reweaving nature back into the fabric of cities, suburbs, and the Greater Houston Region for human, biodiversity, and ecosystem health (known as "One Health and Well Being") and climate resilience. And I do this with a strong emphasis and commitment to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion - for humans and other species.

I currently serve as the Houston Healthy Cities Programs Director for the The Nature Conservancy in Texas and as Secretary, Board of Directors for North American Association of North America (NAAEE) and I am also the co-founder of the Coastal Prairie Partnership (CPP). I formerly worked at the Katy Prairie Conservancy (Community Conservation Director) and the Houston Arboretum (Naturalist & Conservation Lead). Lastly, I serve as a member of the Texas Wildlife Diversity Advisory Committee for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and have proudly been an instructor in the Texas Master Naturalist program for nearly 20 years.

More about my work @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/habitatjaime/

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