November 26, 2016


Go to the website for some of my better observations. I have short descriptions and photos which link up to the iNaturalist observations. Thank you for all your help and time!
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February 27, 2016

400th Obvservation!

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Big Two Days of Microscopy

Over the last two days I have been doing a lot of microscopy, and I have found taxa like Colurella, Entamoeba coli, Paramecium caudatum, Ostracoda, Amoeba, Ciliophora, Frontonia leucas, Hypotrichia and several wormlike creatures. (Note that these taxa might have been wrongly identified and view the physical observations to see the updated ID's if they have changed. I greatly enjoyed myself and would be very happy to get some help identifying these creatures! If the observation needs a video, an improved photo/GIF then please contact me on the iNaturalist messaging system. See you at the observations, Thank You for reading this post! OBSERVATION TOTAL: 18 OBSERVATIONS

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December 19, 2015

P. pacificus eats C. elegans!

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Paramecium Video

Watch this great Paramecium video at high magnification to learn and watch the complex art of eating, preformed by paramecium!

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December 01, 2015

AmScope MD35 Arrived

The AmScope MD35 microscope camera arrived on Friday, but we picked it up today. The lens fit perfectly into the lens slot into my 1960's Wolfe Wetzlar Nr. 1280 microscope I inherited from my grandfather which has a 23mm lens. I will tell you how to unpack the camera.

Download Instructions

Next, I had to open the blue downloader disk. After open your D drive which contains your disk and open "autorun":


Then after opening it, click on "Install Application:


After installing your new app, find it by searching amscope in you computer. You should find this:


Open it, and you should find the AmScope program:


CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully opened the Amscope program, and are able to take pictures with your new camera. Good luck!

My Photos






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November 28, 2015

Pond Checkup

Yesterday, I checked up on the pond next door, which is by the abandoned house which we bought and are just renovating. I had high hopes for this pond -- it was the only pond we had around and was on top of a hill, so all pollutants (if any) would run down onto the road.

Deep into the evening, my dad went over with a jar to get some of the pond scum. The temperature was 34°F (1.111°C) and was quite chilly. We got half jar.

After getting one drop from the sample, we found that it was teeming with life! A nematode worm went lumbering by, looking for decaying matter and parameciums zipped around, gorging on plant matter. I could have never hoped for better!

Unfortunately, I did not have my microscope camera yet. It was still coming in the mail from California and should arrive on Monday, 30 November, so I did not manage to take any pictures. The model is AmScopeMD35A.

<!DOCTYPE html>

Scum Jar

Mountain View

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November 18, 2015


Today there was a major storm that started last night and went on through today. The rain pounded on the roof and twigs were flying past the windows everywhere, and gust of wind and rain whistled through the trees. I took a short video of the storm to show its extent.

In the bottom left you can see Ilex aquifolium, a invasive species that was observed a few days ago. You can view it in the related observations bar. Also, you can see fir trees swaying in the background and a black locust, which I also observed.

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November 15, 2015

Walk Around the Property

Today me and my mom walked around our property to make some amazing observations! We found a group of fascinating gilled fungus which was a beige color and some flickers who were pecking happily at trees. On the way back we found some flies on the porch and took some pictures.

While uploading to iNaturalist, a Colombian Black-Tailed deer walked across our lawn, and I failed to take a picture, but I still uploaded my third deer post! Check out those observations!

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November 14, 2015

Dead American Beaver

On Tuesday, 10 November 2015 on the way back from school my dad and I found a dead American Beaver Castor canadensis which was presumably hit by the car and wandered to the side of the road to die from natural reasons. He was found at 47°10'40.5"N 122°32'11.4"W.

Unfortunately, he did not make it and signs of his dam by Lake Steilacoom in Lakewood Washington were visible. I hope no other beavers are harmed in this way.

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