What are these ellptical-leaved Smilax anyway?

Some of you know I'm nuts about Smilax. They are just so variable and puzzling, and they spark so many questions about ecology and evolution.

As I tried to identify Smilax observations on iNaturalist, one morph in particular had me scratching my head. This form has little rounded, more or less elliptical, leathery leaves, oriented upward, with veins that are conspicuous and yellow seen from the upper side, but less evident from the lower. Typically the leaves also have mucronate tips (round but with a little point). They seem to crop up almost exclusively along the coast, from South Carolina to Panhandle Florida or maybe even Louisiana. What are they?

I decided to collect a bunch of these observations into one project so I could easily compare photos and map out where these are occurring, and also easily point them out to others. So this ( ...more ↓

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Selected (by me, JW) observations of Smilax showing short elliptical leathery leaves and conspicuous lateral veins.

This Smilax morph doesn't easily key out to species, as it has characteristics of Smilax laurifolia, Smilax havanensis, and S. auriculata. The purpose of this project is to map the geographic extent of the morph and eventually to solidify its ...more ↓

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