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After some feedback from some early adopters, the decision has been made to open up the bindings of the project. Some people reported that they were checking the board but not finding anything or that they had plenty of herps using other habitat on their property and they weren't certain how to get us this information; since the greatest intent is to get people engaged with herps and I check this project page more frequently than iNaturalist on the whole it seemed best to evolve the project page.

While we still have supplies, interested participants can still pick up a free coverboard from the Central Point ODFW office if they feel that they have insufficient habitat in their yard.

However, participants can also tag this project on photos of reptiles and amphibians they observe in their backyard and elsewhere not associated with a coverboard.

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The Oregon Wildlife Foundation funded materials for a citizen science project organized by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) aimed at collecting presence data of reptiles and amphibians (herps) in the Rogue River watershed in Oregon. This data will help establish baseline information on diversity of species and distribution.

If you have received a free coverboard from ODFW ...more ↓

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