Terrapin Sightings Important for The Future of this Species

For the past 15 years, Project Terrapin has been conducting research with diamondback terrapins throughout the Barnegat Bay system. In New Jersey, especially Barnegat Bay, little is known about the population of this species and the regulatory aspects of this species are based on populations. We began marking nesting female terrapins at N. Sedge Island in 2002, working with the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife. Since that time, we've marked 1200 terrapins in the Sedge Island Wildlife Conservation Zone, and worked on projects with EarthWatch and Drexel Universities, where approximately 2500 terrapins have been marked in the Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge, Barnegat, New Jersey. We are expanding our project to include genetic work and we need to identify areas where terrapins are found.

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Project Terrapin was established in 2007 after five years of terrapin research and has been growing since. Our purpose is to promote turtle education, research, conservation and empower our youth to making a difference in the protection of our natural resources. We connect researchers to students, schools and partner with organizations and agencies that work to learn more about diamondback ...more ↓

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