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I started up this project as a way to to start pulling together observation of Pinesap (Monotropa hypopitys) that fit the description for Hypopitys lanuginosa. I hope that others will find this useful and interesting. If you do, please help by contributing records that fit the description of H. lanuginosa to the project when you add records or are identifying records of others. When the perennial discussion of taxonomic disagreement comes up on those records, consider passing on the word of this project and its eventual companions for the other forms.

I think the mycoheterotrophs are really fascinating plants and have some particular interest in the local pinesap. I was really excited when I discovered iNaturalist to look up what I knew as Hypopitys lanuginosa and Hypopitys monotropa. That was actually my first introduction (from some very helpful folks on this site) to the taxonomic complexity within Monotropa/Hypopitys. Wow!

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This project is bringing together records of Monotopa hypopitys that fit the description of Hypopitys lanuginosa based on phenology (e.g., flowering period), color (red stems with pale bracts and yellow/white flowers), range (eastern US/NA), and other features. While the taxonomy is a frequent source of discussion and confusion it is helpful to have a warehouse of the various ...more ↓

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