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Nearly a year after creating it, there are now 5583 observations in the North American Leafminers umbrella project (, and I've just finished reviewing all of them. A couple of notes:

- iNat currently has 167 observations for the oak shothole leafminer (Japanagromyza viridula), most of which are in the project--but the vast majority just show the "shot holes" rather than leaf mines. There are supposedly other things that can cause similar holes in oak leaves, so I am only attributing these to J. viridula if there are associated leaf mines. I would prefer not to have photos added to the leafminer project if all they show is the holes. I just quickly scanned through all the J. viridula observations and found just seven that show actual leaf mines:
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Leafminers are insect larvae that live and feed between the epidermal layers of leaves. In North America they include at least 40 families of moths, 10 families of flies, 6 families of beetles, and 2 families of sawflies. I am interested in seeing any photos of North American leaf mines that are posted to iNaturalist, so I invite you to include yours in this project (and please spread the ...more ↓

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