Chaparral in fruit

Last year, both Prunus illicifolia and Toyon put off a fantastic amount of fruit, seemed like every bush I encountered in the south bay was loaded. This year, I've encountered hardly any wild cherries at all (which is a bummer, they're delicious) and far fewer Toyon berries. I wonder if a year's dearth is what just usually follows a year of bounty. Or were they reacting to the series of drier winters versus this past year's more average amount of rain in a somewhat counter-intuitive way?

It will also be interesting to see how many robins show up at Fremont Older this winter. Last year there were an astonishing number of them, there to ravish the berry-laden Toyons.

Posted by newtpatrol newtpatrol, November 14, 2016 07:16


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