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October 03, 2013

October 2, 2013

This was my first return to Crestridge since the end of July. First, I wanted to get a picture of the sign at the Horsemill Street entrance to use as a logo for this project. Done!

I knew the chaparral would be fairly dry but I was hoping mostly to test a new lens and let nature take me for surprises which I seems to always find.

Looking at the various oak species, I really had to search for acorns. I must be late.

Preparing for a field lecture on tracking, happening here on October 12th, I came across some tracks and scats. The afternoon light seems to help notice them, giving them greater depth and clear dimensions.

I am looking forward to a few healthy rains, new growth, and for the chaparral to bring us some blossoms fairly early compared to the rest of the Continental US.

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