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May 22, 2013

May 22, 2013

From the main entrance at Horsemill Rd, I went up the little trail just West of the Oakgrove. First, there were Acorn woodpeckers working on the high voltage power pole. I was hoping to find butterflies and I did!
Now, I have to sort through them all and make sure I don't confuse Bernardino Blues with Acmon Blues. White butterflies are absolutely restless, as usual! I saw a few lizard, damselflies, grasses and maybe a couple of new (to me) flowers.

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May 05, 2013

May 5, 2013

Today was an organized hike with some members of CNPS. We started from the main entrance at Horsemill Road, through the Oak grove, up Lake View lane (dirt road) to the water tower and on a new-to-me trail that wrapped around by the Avocado grove and back to the Oak grove.
I unfortunately had some focusing issues and a pen that did not want to write when I most needed it for species I hadn't seen before.
None-the-less, I am very happy to have finally share a walk with other folks.

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May 4, 2013

Again, I started from the Rios Canyon entrance. I found what I now think is Sapphire Woolystar. Of course, at the time I did not pay enough attention not recognizing what they were till I got home. The pictures are not precise enough and I feel I have to go back ASAP as I have been looking for those for the longest time.
I headed for the meadow to check on the Keckiella that I figured would be in bloom and it was.
Behr's Metalmark seem to be oblivious to human and canine presence so, I got some really nice shots.
As I was coming back up from the meadow, a coyote dashed through the field and I managed to get a couple of shots.
Splendid Mariposa Lilies and Delicate Clarkias are around but fading fast.
Tomorrow: Big Day, hoping to walk around with some members of the CNPS local chapter and hoping to learn more.

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May 11, 2013

May 10, 2013

From Rios Canyon entrance, I first wanted to retake some pictures of the Eriastrum sapphirinum or Sapphire Wooly-star that had come out blurry, upon my last outing. Once that done, I followed Rios Canyon Rd (fire road) to where the seasonal creek meets the road, then headed back up.

Today was the day for Bloomeria croceas or Golden Stars and it was my first time seeing them as well as seeing them at Crestridge.

I am getting more in tune with listening to birds even though they only occasionally let themselves be seen. When they do, I unfortunately don't have the right photo lens to take decent pictures.

It was also my first sighting of Pellaea andromedifolia or Coffee fern.
I got to see some rushes and sedges by the creek too.

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May 26, 2013

May 26, 2013

Another start from the upper Rios Canyon Drive entrance led me to the trail to the "Racetracks." Lots of Slender Tarweed seem to carpet some areas just off the trail. Overall, most blooming plants have already peaked. Finally, Small-flowered Soap Plants are blooming and a couple of other species still have a bit to go.
In the meadow where I like to just sit and listen, I did see a Roadrunner but only the back end of him disappearing in the underbrush.
Near the top of an old oak tree there is a huge nest that I had already noticed and photographed. This time a huge bird, (possibly a Golden Eagle?) flew out and away before could even think of taking a picture.
On the way back, I met a butterfly I do not know, some Fountain Grass (yuck) and a lizard who took cover too promtly for me to get a good shot.

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May 17, 2013

May 17, 2013

Today, the plan was to go check the seeds of Clematis pauciflora to make sure they were indeed glabrous and they were.
Starting from Rios Canyon Rd entrance, I headed down and West until a fork in the fire road which led me to a cleared access to the power line route. I thought I had seen this cleared access going all the way to where the seasonal creek goes under Rios Canyon Rd but it did not. I was so close to my destination that I did a little cross country instead of hiking back up and around. Although not recommended, it gave me a chance to see a San Diego Alligator Lizard, a humming bird's nest and no snake.

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May 24, 2013

May 24, 2013

Today, I had in mind to find some lizards and a rattlesnake since I know the territory where this crotalus lives. Nature had other plans. The day started with a ladybird on the windshield of my car, at home. I had to take a shot, of course!

Parking at the beginning of the trail at Rios Canyon Rd, I headed for "Lilac Alley" where Ceanothus tomentosus grows and the Rattler lives. No sign of him today. I cut across to the next trail West and found a Calochortus weedii; my first ever.

Butterflies and bees are busy on the California Buckwheat and around. Fleeting lizards did not give me a chance to observe them as they promptly hid. Birds could be heard but hardly seen.

I made it to the outcrop before the trail heads down to the meadow, met another plant I am not sure I have met before, and, returned to my starting point.

Oh the joy of finding a pair of Western Bluebirds probably cleaning the bugs off my car!

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