The Fight to Save Liberty Hill

Liberty Hill Camas Bluff holds the most precious habitat in Columbia County. By far the largest stretch of camas meadow we have, it supports a unique range of flowers and is the best habitat for several reptile species that can hardly be found anywhere else in the county. The area has held a special place in my heart for several years.

You can view many gorgeous pictures of Liberty Hill at the Friends of Liberty Hill website:

Unfortunately, Liberty Hill's continued existence is in danger. A basalt mining company has leased the land and plans to turn it into a open pit mine. There is little hope that the plants and animals who call Liberty Hill home would survive that process. ...more ↓

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We are completing an inventory of reptiles and amphibians in Columbia County, Oregon - every salamander, newt, frog, toad, turtle, lizard, and snake in the county.

We want to record as many species as possible from as many different portions of the county as possible. Our ultimate goal is to combine this data with other observations from other sources in order to publish a report on ...more ↓

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