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Bending the River Back into the City reconnects the City with its original source of water, the Los Angeles River. Bending the River involves capturing dry-weather flow in the LA River to reduce potable water use. In order to use such a resource, the captured water will be treated to meet state and local water quality requirements. The Metabolic Studio has considered various options, from high tech to low tech. But if we are bringing water back to the land, it’s natural that we want to incorporate an organic approach rather than relying solely on conventional treatment methods.

Wetlands, one of the most sophisticated water treatment systems that nature has ever created, have been around since water started running on land. They feature some of the highest biodiversity of any habitat types on earth. Today wetlands are protected by federal laws, however historically they have been undervalued and many natural wetlands were lost to urban development. Bending the River ...more ↓

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Bending the River Back into the City is a proposed three part sculpture; a dam that will sit in the LA River that connects to a diversion canal bending the water back into the city via a waterwheel, named LA Noria, as a reference to the waterwheels operating on and around the site in the 19th century. Once brought up, the water will become part of a distribution network, The Delta of Mount ...more ↓
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