New Angolan Breviceps

A new rain frog, the Angolan Rain Frog (Breviceps ombelanonga) has just been described by Nielsen et al. 2020. The species can be distinguished from other species in the area based on the following characters:

"lacking a visible tympanum, males having a single, uniformly dark gular patch that is continuous with the mask extending from the eye, having generally smooth dorsal skin, lacking many small tubercles on the palmar surfaces (as in, e.g., B. branchi and B. sylvestris; FitzSimons 1930; Channing 2012), lacking pale spots along flanks and a pale patch above the vent (both present in B. poweri; Parker 1934; du Preez and Carruthers 2017), lacking short dark band below nares (as in B. poweri; du Preez and Carruthers 2017), lacking confluent inner and outer metatarsal tubercles, having a relatively narrower head, shorter thigh, and shorter manual digit III (Fig. 2; Table 4), and having an advertisement call with both a longer interval between consecutive calls and a higher average dominant frequency (Fig. 3)."

Colour variation in Breviceps ombelanonga

Map of Breviceps distribution record in Angola.

Read the full article here:

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