Species still to observe: southern Africa

I have compiled a rough species list for southern Africa and cross-referenced it with the species observed on iNaturalist (does not extend northwards of Namibia, Botswana, Zimababwe and Mozambique). There may be a few errors but I thought it would be interesting to see how many species we have got a research grade observation for and which species have not yet been observed.

We have observed 632 species of the 783 known species, which is just over 80 %. Here are the species that are missing:

Acontias aurantiacus
Acontias bicolor
Acontias fitzsimonsi
Acontias gariepensis
Acontias percivali
Acontias richardi
Acontias schmitzi
Acontias wakkerstroomensis
Afroedura broadleyi
Afroedura granitica
Afroedura leoloensis
Afroedura loveridgei
Afroedura major
Afroedura maripi
Afroedura rondavelica
Afroedura rupestris
Afroedura tembulica
Afroedura tirasensis
Amietia inyangae
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