Tony Strazzari

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I'm a diver. I've a history of being an engineer in the steel industry, a high school science teacher but because of injury and opportunities now I dive full-time. I teach diving although I've had qualifications with a number of agencies I'm sticking with PADI now. I'm an owner of a dive charter business Grey Nurse Charters which take people diving everywhere from Seal Rocks in the north, Broughton Island, Port Stephens, Newcastle and Swansea. Over the last 25 years I've pioneered diving at Moon Island off the coast at Swansea. I've travelled a bit diving - especially Pacific Island and SE Asia. I've got cave diving and trimix qualifications. As a hobby I also dive those places rarely if ever dived - old historic river ports, early settlement sites.

Observing fish has extended onto my love of nature - the animals that visit my yard - birds mostly but insects, spiders, mammals (mainly possums). Also enjoy photographing the birds , dolphins and whales I see when I'm out on the boat and not underwater.

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