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My name is Roger. I am a recently retired Geology Professor/Geologist, who moved to the Texas Hill Country /Edwards Plateau full time in August 2018. I taught Geology at a community college along the Texas coast for almost 30 years.

Prior to that, I worked as a professional geologist for about a dozen years, first in mineral exploration, then later in petroleum exploration and production. I worked all over the U.S., including the deep Alaskan bush. One of my jobs was with big bad Exxon, which is how I eventually ended up in Texas.

I have had a lifelong interest in natural history, and was collecting bugs and identifying flowers as a little kid, even before I started collecting rocks. In college at UT, I spent a lot of time hiking and backpacking in the Smoky Mountains, learning the plants and identifying many of the bird species by their songs. I mean, of course, what I like to call “the original UT,” the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN. I earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Geology from that UT.

I originally started posting to iNat just to identify what I was seeing where I now live. I have recently realized that I could actually make a contribution to science with my observations, and have started including lots of photos with my posts to help identify the more obscure, confusing, rare, or endemic species I have been seeing. I have a lot of time to hike and photograph in nearby state parks.

I have, however, been disappointed by the iNat community response. Many of my observations are not Research Grade because no one has taken the time to agree (or even disagree) with my many identifications. Yeah, I’m not a botanist or entomologist, but I’m pretty good at research.

So c’mon, help me (and science) out! Weeks ago I posted photos of what I identified as Hoary Milkpea and also Texas Milkpea. These are good sightings, where are you iNat? Another example, the only reason my Viperina advanced to Research Grade was because I asked a specific person to look at it. I shouldn’t have to do that.... How about seconding my Roemer’s Spurge from May 1? That’s not a difficult call. Are y’all there iNat?

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