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I'm a biologist in the Department of Biological Sciences at Tarleton State University. I have a life-long interest in natural history and broad experience including paleontology, wildlife biology, and population and evolutionary genetics. I don't consider myself to be an expert in anything, but I'm interested in almost everything.


Taxa I've been focusing on

I enjoy learning how to distinguish groups of related species and helping to curate them here on iNaturalist. Taxa that I've been curating include:
Bombus (only the "easy" species) in southern half of U.S. [ID guide | ID modal]
Apiomerus assassin bugs in the U.S. [species | ID modal]
Stenopodinae assassin bugs in U.S and Canada [ID modal]
Zelus assassin bugs in the U.S. and Canada [ID guide | species | ID modal (U.S. and Canada)]
Perillus stink bugs in the U.S. [species | ID modal]
Alydidae (broad-headed bugs) [Notes on Alydus ID | ID modal (U.S. and Canada)]
Mantidflies in the U.S. [species | ID modal (U.S. and Canada)]
Moths of the genus Microtheoris [species | distinguishing characters | ID modal]
Arabidea species in TX [ID guide | species | ID modal]
Agalinis (false foxglove) species in TX [ID guide | species | ID modal]
Anemones (the wildflowers) in TX, OK [ID guide | Pollination ecology | ID modal]
Geomys (gophers) in North America [ID information | species]

Projects and stuff

ID guides created by other folks

iNat Tips & Tricks

I recommend not agreeing to an ID just because someone else gave that ID--only ID things based on your OWN knowledge and research.

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