Max Ramey

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I'm a freshmen in high school and I’m an avid birder, an amateur photographer, and I love the outdoors overall. I currently live in Watauga co. North Carolina and I really enjoy the unique birds here that normally range much further north, as well as the spectacular plants and our unique salamanders. I usually use eBird to submit my bird sightings, where you can find my photos under my name, Maxwell Ramey, but I am also very interested in carnivorous plants, especially Drosera, Utricularia ,and Sarracenia, orchids, fish, insects, and herping, particularly salamanders. Although I still have a lot to learn about most of these and the only topics I can claim to have any very solid knowledge in are birds and a good bit of solid knowledge carnivorous plants but I am hoping to learn more especially about moths,dragonflies and damselflies, reptiles and amphibians, trees, shrubs and herbaceous non carnivorous plants.

Link to my eBird profile if you want to see most of my bird sightings:

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