Mark Buijtendijk

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Always enjoyed being outside and trying to find the animals in their natural habitat. At the moment trying to record as much as possible in and around our yard in Palmhurst, Texas. At the moment I let half of our yard go wild and that attracts a lot of the bugs, butterflies, etc. Next year might be less, because probably getting some animals. So really trying to get the most out of it while it last.

I try to make the choice based on the photos, but when I started with bird ID I already felt like I dove in the deep and now with the insects its really overwhelming all the choices and things you need to check.

Appreciate all the help I get from everybody putting an ID on my observations. I do read the comments that come with IDs and slowly expanding my knowledge that way. I try not to post double, but it happens. Photos are not the best, because many of the bugs get my lens in their face and some birds I just snap a quick photo, before I even try to zoom.

Think I will try to make a list of each year of the yard and around. (Just need to figure out to get the CSV in the list, so far no luck.)

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