Ken Potter

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I'm a professional journalist and product photographer (coins) that has survived cancer, now retired (semi-retired would be a better word), and enjoying life out in the country where I moved to in 2011. I have no formal education as a naturalist but as a researcher I am having a blast hiking with my dog, photographing the wonders around me and attempting the learn what they are and how they interact. iNaturalist has been a godsend in that endeavor. I appreciate all the help I am getting from my fellow iNaturalists (and others). I occasionally get the time to give thanks to some of you that help me with IDs and other interesting information but not nearly as much as I would like. To all of you that have helped I extend a giant thank you!

👉My profile pic is of a "Blue Morph" Green Frog. See more on it here:

👉If you care to take a stab at my MUSHROOM/FUNGI ID's please have at it. This is the one area where I need a lot of help:

👉I need lots of help on PLANTS:

👉Most of my SUNFLOWER observations remain unattributed and I'm wary about some that have reached Research Grade. Want to help? Check 'em out:

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