Holly Merker

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I am a professional environmental educator, and birding instructor, based out of the Philadelphia suburbs in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

A life-long explorer of wonders of the natural world, my obsession landed on avifauna a few decades ago, and I have devoted the majority of my free-time to understanding the status and distribution of birds in my state, and the nearby Delaware Bayshore (coastal Delaware). I am especially interested in bird migration patterns, and marvel at witnessing active migration, and volunteer for various hawk migration sites as a hawk counter (Rose Tree Park in Media, Delaware County, PA and Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, in Kempton, PA).

I'm also lucky to work as a birding instructor for camps run by the American Birding Association (for teen birders) in Delaware, and National Audubon's Hog Island Camp, in Coastal Maine.

I am an obsessed eBirder, and promote, and introduce, citizen science projects to all people I work with. eBird profile: https://ebird.org/profile/MTExOTQ/US-PA

I am excited to expand my knowledge-base through iNaturalist, and am grateful to fellow birder, and naturalist extraordinaire, "Gyrllfalcon", for inspiring, and teaching me, to use it!

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