Andrés Mauricio Forero

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Biologist, naturalist, adventurer, passionate about nature photography and wildlife conservation. From Colombia.

I am interested in ecology and evolution of neotropical amphibians and reptiles, particularly in evolutionary physiology of amphibians and ecomorphological patterns of lizards.

I specialize mainly in macro photography, however, I also work well in other fields such as astrophotography and landscape photography.

To capture the details of nature has become my passion. I seek through my lens to show the splendor and diversity of the world that we have stopped appreciating due to our routine tasks.

Telling to the people about nature, biology and the intricate ecological dynamics of our country's species, I seek to change the conception of many of them and, in this way, generate a message that divulges science, art and promotes conservation.

We can not keep what we do not know or what is foreign to our senses. so, I am certain that, through photography, we can generate a sense of belonging among the common people and involve them more actively in preservation.

All artwork posted on this page is made by me unless stated. All copyrights reserved.

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"Naturphilosophie / Conocer para Conservar" (

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