July 03, 2020

Abandoned Text

Chunks of text probably from my profile that i'm leaving here if i ever need it again.

As of 6/28/2020 My Rank in the United States 18th
My rank for States with 500+ verifiable observations.

State, Observations, Species
Louisiana 1st-2nd
Indiana 1st-2nd
Florida 34th-99th
California 433rd-489th
Illinois 23rd-63rd
Colorado 47th-185th
Hawaii 16th-61st
Mississippi 18th-51st

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July 02, 2020

May 19, 2020

Great Resources


Great for information on identifying bugs, spiders, and other similar invertebrates in Canada and the United States

A site that tracks individual marine animals

Historical Satellite imagery of earth including wildfires and Storms

Realtime air pollution map of the world

A cool fun to play with weather site.


A site with current projections and estimates for actual number of infections and deaths from COVID-19.

Graphs and data for the current pandemic


Information about Skyscrapers or other tall structures with a very nice diagram for cities.

Great site to get info on cities in the united states like crime, population, gender, water treatment plant violations etc

Check if you have emails or accounts that have had information leaked in a website breach.

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February 29, 2020

June 29, 2018

What I've been stung, bit or injured by.

Reddish-brown Stag Beetle.

It pinched me and hurt like hell for 20 some seconds, caused small amount of bleeding.
Polistes dorsalis.

Stung me when it flew onto my hand and i didn't realize it, i moved my hand and almost squished it, the sting was hardly a pain and just more of an annoying feeling, it lasted 5 to 8 minutes.
Plant bug.

species of some kind, it stabbed me with its proboscis, felt like a little sting. Then it went away almost immediately.

Red Imported Fire Ant.

stings hurt a little bit for around 5-7 minutes, but then the pain stops being pain and just more of an annoying feeling that lasts a good 10-30 minutes


Punctured Tiger Beetle.
Usually they seem to not be able to bite you, but this one did. It hurt kinda mildish for about 4 seconds. No blood was drawn thankfully.

Black-and-yellow Mud Dauber.
It hurt weakly mild for a good 2 minutes but then stopped.
Blue Mud Dauber
It hurt a little bit for 2-4 minutes but then completely stopped.

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