May 04, 2020

Ho Man Tin 3/5/2020

Today, I went back to Ho Man Tin. The weather was very hot and the migrants were gone already. However, birder Ben Wong spotted a japanese paradise flycatcher. Japanese paradise flycatcher is an uncommon passage migrant of Hong Kong. I started birding on 2016. I learnt this flycatcher from a nature guide. I loved it very much. The long tail is very special. It is an NT species. To achieve this dream, I went to Tai Po Kau and Po Toi for many times but failed. These two places often recorded this flycatcher. Before the third of may, I couldn't put JPF into my list. Till third of may, Ben Wong post some pictures of JPF on Ho Man Tin birding birding whatsapp group. I was so excited about this news! I rushed to Ho Man Tin as fast as I could. I really don't want to miss JPF. Half an hour later, I got JPF finally! How amazing! I took some picture with my friends. Although the weather was hot, we couldn't stop sending that news to the friends group. Hope I will meet another one soon!

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April 15, 2020

Po Toi 14/4/2020

Po Toi Island is the south est island of HK. Many spring and autumn migrant arrive Po Toi every year. I got a yellow browed bunting. It is a scarce spring and autumn passage migrant and rare winter visiter of HK. It was my first time of meeting it. It found some seeds at a small field beside the pier. With a chestnut bunting, which is an uncommon passage migrant of HK but I couldn't see it. Other good bird was a dollar bird. People go to Po Toi because of it. Common passage migrant of HK, most record from Po Toi. A blue tailed beaeater also! Very beautiful and uncommon passage migrant of HK. Mostly from fishpond at Mai Po, but unusual for Po Toi! My first time yo meet it. Hope to see more passage migrant at Po Toi next week!

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April 09, 2020

Homantin 4/4/2020

Ho Man Tin is a part of urban city. However, some migrants pass through a distribution reservoir. I got five blue and white flycatchers at the day. Three were male and two were female. It is a common spring passage migrant of HK. Three narcissus flycatchers were also recorded. two were male and one was female. It is an uncommon passage migrant of HK. One mugimaki flycatcher young male was recorded. It is a scarce passage migrant of HK. Two ashy minivet seen at the day. Uncommon passage migrant but usually just stay for a short time. The most memorable species was Eurasian wryneck. Uncommon passage migrant and winter visitor of HK but hard to observe at urban area. Although the bird just let me saw for 1 minute, I was satisfied because I've never seen the bird before. Actually birds are every where with trees. Urban parks can be a hotel for passage migrant. Why don't you start observe the park next to you NOW!

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March 27, 2020

MPNR 14/3/2020

Very good day. At least 200 oriental partincoles flew over Gei Wai #16/17. o-partincole is a common spring passage migrant of HK. However, there was only 20-30 partincoles pass MPNR every year. 200 is a very large number. Also, there was a far eastern curlew. It is an endanger species. Uncommon passage migrant of HK. Gull billed tern and Caspian tern has arrived. They are common spring passage migrant of HK. Another side, a golden headed cisticola was at TKC Rd. TKC Rd is full of fish pond. The wetland provides a lot of food and living environment for perching birds. Sometimes, pied kingfisher used the pond for fishing.

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February 25, 2020

MPNR---------Great wetland 23/2/2020

Mai Po the most important wetland of HK. Many ducks, gulls, sandpipers visit MP every year. I was lucky to met 7 falcated ducks today. They are uncommon and declining. There 1 male and 6 female. There at the Gei Wai16/17. Another good bird is chinese grey shrike, which was the first record of HK. Intermediate egret was also seen at the 16/17 Gei Wai. A beautiful male garganey and a female was another uncommon record. In the mudflat, over 1000 black headed gull and over 50 Heuglin's gull was seen. A beautiful common kingfisher appeared for a short time.

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February 16, 2020

Yuen Long Park15/2/2020

A very special day! Yuen Long Park is full of thrushes and today not only grey backed, Japanese or blackbird! An eye browed thrushes appeared, which was a scarce winter visitor and my first time to meet it. How wonderful! It jumped at the slope and found some worms. Another good birds are Chinese grosbeak and white shouldered starling. They are common winter visitor in HK but uncommon at urban area. More and more new thrushes were found in YL park in recent years. We need to go more YL park and discover more.

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February 05, 2020

a day with common pochard (Nam Sang Wai 30-1-2020)

Nam Sang Wai was located at Yuen Long, a beautiful wetland in Hong Kong. Common pochard is an endangered bird. Every winter, pochard come to Nam Sang Wai. It is easy to observe with tufted duck outside the river. I could also saw black faced spoonbill, an endangered bird. pochard like diving. Some photoghaphers take pictures with us. There are 5 spices of duck in NSW. Pochard is the most rare and beautiful one. Hope NSW can be well maintenance and we can see pochard every year!

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January 30, 2020

a day at Shek Kong 28/1/2020

Shek Kong is a good place for watching farm birds and water birds. The road is easy to walk and the air is clean. During Jan, people go to SK and find common rosefinch. Common rosefinch is scarce in HK but common in SK. Just I arrived at Kam Sheung Road MTR station, a Eurasian hoopoe was walking through the river. It is uncommon in HK. Then, I walked to SK and found rosefinch. During the trip, I got some blackbirds and Asian brown flycatchers. Creasted drongos and white shouldered starlings were also seen. There were total five finches. Four were male and one was female.

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January 26, 2020

a day at Telford garden 30.10.2019

Telford garden is just a shopping center and private housing estate of Hong Kong. However, some flowerbeds become a paradise of migrants! Why? I think it is because the flowerbeds grow a lot of worms and flies. These are food for birds. Some grasshopper warblers are difficult to observe in the wild.They hide at the bottom part of grassland. People can only hear the sound. However, they are very easy to observe. When you look down the plants, you can see some warblers. These are grasshopper warblers. Most of them are pallas grasshopper warblers as they are the most common grasshopper warbler of Hong Kong. Another grasshopper warbler is lanceolated warbler. This spice is more rare than pallas. Three warblers and one lesser shortwing were observe together. A black browed warbler was hide in the bamboo. We need to preserve Telford and let it be a paradise of migrant forever.

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January 25, 2020

a day at Yuen Long park14.12.2019

Yuen Long park is located at the northwest of Hong Kong. There are many trees and grassland. These habitats are good for birds, especially thrushes. Common blackbird is the most common thrush in the park. 30 birds can be seen for a day. Another common thrushes are grey backed thrush and Japanese thrush. Up to 10 birds can be seen for a day. When I was walking along the grassland, a white's thrush appeared for a sudden! It is an uncommon winter visitor at Hong Kong and first time for me to meet it. Away from thrush, 20 of yellow billed gosbeak flew over trees. daurain red starts and oriental magpie robin played together. A good day!

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