July 14, 2016

Here To Stay

I'm writing this all because I'm stuck in one library (in suburbia) during a thunderstorm, waiting to drive 30 minutes north to grab a whole bunch of field guides from a library up there (just outside of the Adirondacks).

I start using iNaturalist last year when I finally bought a decent camera, but never truly got heavily into it. For the past week I have uploaded all of the photos of natural things that I've taken over the past year that I could identify to some degree. A large part of my interest in doing this was getting to spend about 3 months doing field work (Golden-cheeked Warblers, yay) in central Texas and finding a whole new world of things to misidentify down there! I couldn't help myself and took photos of everything I could find, especially wildflowers, considering eastern New York, where I'm from, just doesn't have quite the diversity.

So here I am, uploading everything in my archives to iNaturalist! I've been having a blast, though have come across a few idiosyncrasies, or things I just wish I could do on here that don't seem possible.

The main one is when I have finally figured something out down to subspecies, but the community ID is stuck at the species level with me. I'm not sure how to make a suggestion to update my own observation, if at all possible. This is maddening when I've learned that nearly all, if not all, of my Painted Turtles found in NY are Eastern Painted Turtles - this can almost always be easily seen in photos!

I'm sure I will remember the other little maddening things, but for now I am just enjoying sharing my sightings with the world. I've left out all of my bird sightings, but that's because I started with eBird, am heavily an eBird user, and have years of bird sightings with no photos. Birding is a world mostly based in reputation and a bit of trusting, a bit of a strange but beautiful thing, and I'm glad it exists with nothing else when it comes to identification!

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